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Born in Denver, Colorado, Katya lived in Germany, Italy, and Wales before settling in Sausalito, California.  She is now a full-time glass artist whose unique work is collected internationally.  The rich elegance of Katya's European heritage is evident in all of her creations; Katya draws on ancient custom and beauty, translating it exquisitely into alluring contemporary design.  


Each season this aesthetically gifted artist combines her fascination with fashion and personal style with her love of color to create opulent, innovative lines of wearable art that can only be called "Elegantly Contemporary".

"To own one of Katya's originals is to own a piece of the sky itself; Katya captures nature's essence - each of the elements; the turn of seasons, the sound of wind in the trees, and the shifting, glimmering colors of ocean sunsets are caught in these vivid pieces."

The Stones in Katya Jewelry are actually hand-made, dichroic fused glass beads.  Careful to preserve the bubbles, ripples and delicate shade variations that are inevitable in hand-blown glass, she uses them as design elements.  Katya uses as many as eight pieces of glass of various hues, densities, and transparencies to create a single bead.  Each glass piece is cut into a specific shape, then together they are fired in a kiln at 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit.  The pieces are then ground and heat-polished.  This complex process is what gives her beads the rich quality of precious stones and makes each piece a unique work of art.